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Classic Battleship


Sea Battle is a free classic game straight out of our childhood. Enjoy epic naval battles trough three game modes that can be played both offline and online.Back in the 90's, before the terms "offline" and "online" even existed, Sea Battle was one of the most popular board games, along with chess and checkers. Everyone back then knew the rules: place your ships and fire away!
While many of the kids of the 90s played cards, Sea Battle and chess were the choice of the elite! Battleships are in position! Frigates - fire! All batteries fire! The fleet is awaiting your orders, admiral! Immerse yourself fully into the game thanks to the neat doodle graphics and user-friendly interface.
Sea Battle can be played in three modes: single-player, online and hot-seat.
FEATURES:- one of the best board games of the 90s on your phone!- classic offline Battleship against a computer-controlled opponent.- online multiplayer over the internet- play versus your friend on a single device,- easy to play with friends and relatives, childhood- you can view your opponent's fleet placement after you've been defeated- cute and nostalgic doodle graphics